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Why should I outsource the storage of my documents?

Outsourcing will have immediate benefits freeing up time, space and resources and over time having a dedicated provider will create cost savings.

I want to consider moving our documents (files and boxes) from our current supplier but I’m put off by the transfer process and potential costs involved.

We are very experienced at transferring documents from another supplier. With your authority we deal with the incumbent directly whilst always keeping you informed. It is important to us that we make the transfer a hassle free and “painless” experience for you. The transfer project is managed very carefully with the highest attention paid to accuracy. During the transfer process it is “business as usual” for you, the documents are always secure and the documents can be retrieved at any time during the transfer. Box-it can help with the withdrawal fees you may incur from the incumbent supplier.

Is it possible to visit Box-it North West premises?

Yes, we encourage this.

If I call Box-it, am I dealt with locally or by a call centre nationally?

All our local telephone numbers are answered by Box-it North West staff locally. The service is friendly and personal. Box-it office staff accompany drivers from time to time so that clients can ‘put a face to a name’. Enquiries are dealt with immediately.

How are boxes destroyed?

They are shredded to a security level, used and approved by Government and Police forces. A review date can be logged against each box on our system and this acts as a prompt to begin the consultation with you. Boxes are destroyed only after receiving written verification. Box-it can also offer ultra high security shredding to M.O.D. standard. All our shredding services can take place at Box-it North West or at your premises. Confirmation and a certificate of destruction are issued at the end of the process.

How long is the contract?

With Box-it we do not require you to “sign up” for a specific period of time i.e. if you are not happy with Box-it you can leave at any point (3 months written notice required).

Do I have to disclose the contents of the box to Box-it?

No and most clients choose not to. However for file retrieval it is more convenient (but not essential) to have details of the box contents carried on the O’Neil records management software.

How do I request the return of a box or file?

Online (much like any online shopping experience) or email or by fax: 01928 740594. Telephone requests must be confirmed by fax or email.

When will my boxes/files be returned?

When you want them; emergency, same day and next day services available (next day, reliably before 1pm, with the minimum of fuss).

Is the service confidential?

Yes, the boxes are only ever handled by Box-it staff and they do not need to be identified with your company name; they are never opened unless directed to by you. All Box-it staff sign a confidentiality agreement and are DBS checked.

How are they stored?

On heavy duty racking, stacked 3 high with a security band around them and stored randomly throughout our records management centres.

How much does it cost to uplift our boxes from where they are now into Box-it?

We normally collect them free of charge.

Does Box-it North West provide services to shred our confidential waste from our office.

Yes, we can offer onsite or offsite shredding. We provide you with secure bins or consoles and agree with you a collection service. The waste sacks from inside the consoles can be collected by van for shredding when they get back to Box-it or they can be shredded onsite. Both types of service are secure and have a fully barcoded audit trail. Box-it can offer ultra high security shredding to Government Standard Level 6.

What about our other offices?

Box-it North West provide services to Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Warrington, North Wales, Shropshire, Lancashire and beyond. Box-it has sites across the whole of the UK and Ireland. We are linked and all work in the same way. We have many national clients whose documents are stored locally by the appropriate Box-it site.

How do I get a quotation?

We are very competitive and can give you a price for our services quickly. Please contact us via email: or telephone 01928 740119.