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Why it’s Important to Destroy and Track your Sensitive Files

Here at Box-it North West, we’re ever the advocates of securely destroying all old files, not just sensitive ones. However, with new legislation incoming and the end of the tax year fast approaching it is crucial now more than ever to make sure you are not only disposing of your secure documents, but also tracking what you shred, too. In other words, you need a record such as a Certificate of Destruction to prove that specific records have been destroyed in the appropriate manner.

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March 21st, 2018

Why it’s Always Best to Shred Your Old Documents

Why not just throw it away? We could imagine it’s a common question here at Box-it North West as the importance of shredding important documents is often overlooked and discredited as unimportant.

The truth is however, not shredding your documents leaves you open to a wide range of security breaches, fraudulent threats and other nasties. In short – it’s always best to shred.

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March 16th, 2018