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How cleanliness may be affecting your productivity at work

If your premises aren’t kept clean and tidy, then not only does this have the potential to reflect on who you are as a business; it also may be affecting yours and your peers’ productivity at work. It is important to understand the repercussions of mess within the workplace, and to understand just how cleanliness may be affecting your productivity at work.

How cleanliness could affect your day-to-day work

As well as the productivity effects, there are also countless other reasons why an unclean office may send your business into troubled waters. Let’s name a few:

  • When external visitors enter your premises and are met with paper stacks and piled up dishes, it can be very telling to them about your pride and respect as an organisation – not the best way to make a first impression.
  • Not wiping down surfaces, especially keyboards means you are creating a haven for bacteria and essentially, a germ breeding ground. Build ups of bacteria have the potential to make you ill, which isn’t the kind of repercussions you want from simply going to work.
  • Lack of cleanliness, and more so leaving paper stacks around the office can seriously pose a security risk to your office and organisation. Read more about how this can be here.

So there are already some obvious hindrances through lacking cleanliness within the office, but how about how the mess can impact one of the most important features of a high-performing business: productivity?

How cleanliness may be affecting your productivity at work

The rubbish build-up and the unlucky employee

Letting rubbish build up means that eventually, the mess will have to be tackled. If cleaning is not kept-up, then this means that whoever draws the short straw will have a job and a half at hand indeed. Having to conduct a big office clean up can be very time consuming and could have been easily avoided if staff were encouraged to clean up after themselves instead.

The ‘where did I put it?!’ worries

If you’re a culprit of your desk being home to countless paper stacks and more documents than you could count, then you’ll undoubtedly be met with the ‘where did I put it?’ conundrum every now and again. Losing an important document amidst mountains of papers can mean one of two things:

  • A large proportion of your time is devoted to finding it, therefore disrupting your productivity
  • You lose it, which not only can pose a security threat but also means you may have to spend time rectifying the issue. Yet again, disrupting your productivity.

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The dissolution of morale

Studies have found and proven that similarly to students, adults can feel discouraged and thus less motivated to work in an unclean environment. This lack of motivation can eventually lead to a higher staff turnover and reduced productivity which of course, is damaging to the organisation. It has been said that an office which is ‘clean and bright’ will drive employees to work harder as ultimately, they’ll feel much happier and more comfortable in their environment.

How to tackle a lack of office cleanliness

Cleaning the office need not be a grueling task. Here’s a few of our tips on how to tackle an unclean office:

  • Create a cleaning rota that everyone must abide by. Make it strict, but fair. Ensure everybody pulls their weight equally and that the less desired jobs (such as taking the bins down) are delegated amongst everyone.
  • Shred your old papers to abolish mountains of paper stacks (and cement your office security whilst you’re at it)
  • Read our tips on how to give your office a spring clean, as let’s be honest – cleaning should be in fashion all year round.

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Posted on: June 28th, 2018