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How to create a zen office space

Peace. Tranquility. Calm. Focus. What better an environment for your workplace?

Studies have shown that you’ll spend ⅓ of your life at work, so it’s important that you’re comfortable whilst there. Having a clean and organised desk is one thing, but how about turning your working area in to a haven of tranquility and peace to not only make work more enjoyable, but to also increase productivity as well?

‘But what is zen?’

‘Zen’, so to speak, is the Buddhist practice of clearing your mind.

It is a philosophy that emphasizes meditation, intuition, and tranquility. And is also a practice that pulls you out of your daily routine, encouraging you to live less ‘automatically’ and more mindfully.

So, what better a place to start than your office itself? A notorious place for falling into the trap of  working tirelessly and neglecting your wellbeing – the office can soon turn in to one’s worst nightmare if it is not made to be a comfortable place in which to work. Transforming your office in to a zen environment however, may just have the power to counteract this. A place in which you can feel mindful and tranquil is almost certainly a place in which you would feel more inclined to be productive. So, without further ado, here are Box-it North West’s tips on how to quickly create a zen office space.

5 ways to create a zen office space

Add meditation to your daily routine – creating a zen office space is one thing, but how about practising zen (or Zazhen) yourself? You can find plenty of videos on YouTube on how to do this, so why not incorporate 10 minutes of meditation in to your morning work routine. We’d suggest meditating first thing in the morning to clear your mind for day ahead.

Bring the outside, inthe environment is so important in zen philosophy and therefore you should incorporate this into your office if you’re looking to achieve as truly zen area. You could liven up your desk with a few potted plants, or how about even trying a ‘living wall’. You can create your own (low-budget) living wall by fixing up some DIY plant holders to one of your office walls and planting in various flowers and herbs. Not only does this create a zen space, but also a much more aesthetically pleasing environment all in all.

Practice aromatherapypart of zen’s emphasis on mindfulness is to hone in on our senses, more specifically or sense of smell. Using incense is a common zen practice, so why not invest in some incense burning equipment for your office?

Declutter your lifeone cannot begin to create a tranquil and peaceful environment if the said environment is harnessing countless paper stacks and the remnants of last week’s’ lunch. If this sounds like your office, then start decluttering now. Remember to get in touch with Box-it North West to shred your old documents or read our tips on how to clean up and organise your desk here.

Pick a mantralast but not least, to make your office truly zen (and to encourage some self-motivation too) why not pick a mantra and surround yourself with it? Below are some of our favourite zen mantras. Feel free to use them as posters or print-outs around your office for ongoing encouragement and a tranquil working space.

How to create a zen office space

How to create a zen office space

How to create a zen office space

How to create a zen office space

However you chose to ‘zen up’ your office space, Box-it North West are with you every step of the way for all of your document management and disposal needs. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.

Posted on: June 28th, 2018