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National Password Day: The Best & Most Unique Ideas for a Safe Password

In light of National Password Day today, Box-it North West have put together some of the top tips you should be heeding when creating safe and secure passwords.

Whilst there’s a lot of ‘do’s and don’ts’, we’ve also provided some creative ideas on how to think up the most unique passwords that nobody will end up guessing, ever.

First things first – here’s how not to do it

It’s important to clear up at this stage that there are a few ultimate ‘don’ts’ when it comes to password creation. Here’s our pick of passwords that just scream ‘guess me’, ‘guess me’:

Password1, Password2

Though easy to remember, these kinds of passwords are the most obvious of them all and are a failsafe way of compromising your data security. They need no mastermind code-wizard to crack them and thus, are best avoided altogether.


Another password that’s easy to guess is one that incorporates your personal details.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that hackers won’t know things such as your date of birth and middle name. Social media has made it ever easier for hackers to tap into such information. It’s best to be on the safe side, therefore, and opt for a password that isn’t necessarily personal to you.

Top tip: unsure how easy it is to guess a password like this? Why not let a friend or family member have 10 attempts at guessing your password? If they guess it, you owe them coffee. This is a fun and easy way to decode the safety of your password and determine just how ‘guessable’ it is to an outside party.


Though this is the strongest of the bunch, you ought to be careful when substituting letters for numbers. It’s easy to guess that one may replace an ‘I’ with a ‘1’, or an ‘e’ with a ‘3’. So, be mindful of this.

If you do use this approach, make sure you’re careful with the words that you use. If your name is Jessica then J3ss1ca is perhaps not the strongest password, a word such as c4ndyfl0ss is much less guessable.

Picking a unique password

It’s easy to avoid the ‘don’ts’, but what about harnessing the ‘do’s’?

Picking a unique password that’s easily remembered, but not so easily guessed can be a hard task. Fear not, however, here are some of our creative tips on how to nail the process:

DefY aLl VOC4buLary LaWs

Passwords are one of the only times it is acceptable to type absolute nonsense for a purpose. The most important rule of password creation and the holy grail itself is to use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

Use smiley faces

Special characters (if allowed) should always be incorporated into passwords. In fact, some sites and software actually make this mandatory nowadays. Whilst most people would opt for the classic ‘!’ at the end of their trusty password – why not get creative with your S.C’s instead?

Adding a smiley face using the characters : – and ) at the start, end, or middle of your password can significantly reduce the chance of it being infiltrated. And why stop there? Here are some of our favourite character concoctions that create cute and quirky smileys:









(We call them the data protection squad)

Use events, not people

Whilst using your sister’s, uncle’s, grandma’s name etc. is a little better than using your own name, it’s still personal to you and can be guessed with a little thinking. How about using an event which you would remember, but one that not many people would associate with you? Such as:


Use quotes

Finally, another of our creative ideas for password creation is to use quotes or sayings. Pick a quote or saying that resides with you as this will be easy to remember and make sure you combine it with our other failsafe password tips to make it extra secure. Here are a few of our examples:




For more tips on upping your data protection and keeping yourself safe and secure, contact Box-it North West.

Posted on: May 4th, 2018