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The importance of switching up your passwords every 6 months

Passwords are our go-to for protecting our online files. Far too many, however, think that once they’ve thought of a password that’s a weird and wonderful concoction of numbers, letters and characters galore that the job is done and dusted, but that is where most people are in fact wrong. In order to ensure the utmost protection of your sensitive files and documents, you should actually be changing your passwords every 6 months and what is more, you should have different passwords for different sites and logins.

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April 30th, 2018

Can an Open Plan Office Compromise your Office Security?

Open plan, for better or for worse, is becoming the latest craze in office architecture. In fact, most offices nowadays will have a full or part open plan design. Though these layouts can arguably promote teamwork, accessibility and are typically more aesthetically pleasing, the question is: can they compromise your office security?

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April 27th, 2018