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One of the questions we are frequently asked at Box-it North West, is ‘how do I transfer my archives from my current storage provider?’ Moving physical archives to an alternative document storage centre and contracting a new service provider can understandably be daunting for some.

If you are considering transferring your archives to Box-it North West, you can rest-assured that we have all the measures in place to make this a hassle-free experience and our team of experienced staff are here to help during every phase.

At Box-it North West, we have all the knowledge and resources to manage the entire archive transfer operation on your behalf. You will just need to confirm to your existing supplier that you are terminating your contract with them (see below).

It is worth noting that we will, by negotiation, very often make a contribution towards any exit fees that may apply. We make migration from the incumbent supplier to Box-it North West a seamless, ‘business as usual’ process for your organisation.

Termination of Your Contract with the Incumbent Document Storage Supplier

Once you have made the decision to move to Box-it North West, we will assign you an account manager (based locally in our Box-it North West office) who will give you all the advice you need to terminate your contract. It is an advantage if you can get an inventory from your existing supplier, giving details of the entire archive you want to transfer to Box-it.

On termination of the contract, you notify the incumbent that we will be acting on your behalf so that we can make all the transfer arrangements for you, establishing start dates, volumes, locations and timescales. We agree the manifest content and can use historical barcodes and your own reference criteria.

Your New Document Storage Contract Agreement with Box-it North West

Your Box-it North West Account Manager will discuss your requirements and an appropriate contract will be drawn up based on agreed SLAs. This means we are contracted to provide you with an efficient and reliable service with agreed service level quality criteria that meets your specific document storage, retrieval and access needs.

We will then issue appropriate start-up packs, provide any training (either via the telephone or at your premises) at as many locations as your business requires.

Depending on the size and locations of your organisation, this may also involve using services provided by Box-it branches in other regions to support your localised storage needs in other areas. However, Box-it North West covers a significant area of North West England (including Cheshire, Great Manchester, Liverpool & Merseyside and North Wales).

Archive Collection and Transfer to Box-it

With agreement from all parties, we then commence a programme of collection and transfer. This starts with us establishing what data you want recording from the boxes and what information you require for your new Box-it inventory database. We discuss with you how you want your physical archives transporting, for example, on pallets and shrink wrapped, and whether there will be any accompanying manifests.

Using our specialist transport carrier, we then collect your physical archives within the agreed timeframe from your previous supplier and transfer to our own document storage centres in Cheshire, servicing clients in areas such as Greater Manchester, Chester, Warrington, Liverpool, North Wales and Lancashire. We provide you with regular reporting and updates on the progress of your archive transfer.

Receiving your Physical Archives

When your archives are delivered to one of our nine secure Box-it North West Storage Centres, the boxes are security strapped, barcoded and scanned into locations. We reconcile each box with the manifest provided and report any discrepancies. We then create a new inventory for your archives which is issued to you either by email, disk or via our online records management system, Omnidox Records Manager (ORM).

Managing Your Account and Your Archives

With Omnidox Records Manager (ORM) you (and other authorised users) can manage your account online with the ability to view current information about the status of your physical archives, and request collections and deliveries as necessary. It’s user-friendly, and provides a platform for consistent box/file data entry, with comprehensive reporting and all the tools to help you compliantly manage the lifecycle of your physical records. It has been developed using award winning Cloud based Omnidox technology from Box-it, with robustly secure hosting in the UK.

Efficient, Reliable Service, Managed Locally

As well as having first class facilities and powerful technology to support your physical and digital document management needs, it’s our team of people, our flexibility and quality of service that enable us to stand out from the crowd.

Your own personal, locally based Account Manager will be in regular contact to ensure we are meeting (and hopefully exceeding) all your expectations and requirements. And, our friendly and helpful team are just a telephone call away to offer any assistance you may require. At Box-it North West, we will always go that ‘extra mile’ to help, as testimonials from document storage clients such as this one proves:

“Of all the companies that supply an array of services to us, Box-it North West is by far and away the best. Their efficiency is to be marvelled at and their customer service levels are what all businesses should strive to achieve. To say I have no hesitation in recommending them is an understatement.”

Mark Lampkin, Founder & Principal Solicitor: LLB Hons, Lampkin & Co Solicitors