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We offer onsite and offsite document shredding services and can handle all sizes of shredding consignments, either as a regular, ad hoc or one-off service. We are competitively priced and can provide you with a no-hassle shredding service, with a process that ensures your documents are being destroyed in a secure environment.

Offsite shredding

Sacks or boxes are zip tied shut to avoid any spillage and a barcode is applied to the zip tie. They are collected by uniformed Box-it North West personnel in one of our liveried vans equipped with GPS trackers. They are scanned and tracked through each part of the process from collection to emptying them in the shredder. A full audit trail is created and a Certificate of Destruction is provided at the end of the process.

Onsite shredding

Our shredding lorry (which is about the size of a refuse cart) will, by appointment, come to your premises and shred all the documents at your own site. You choose whether this is a standard or high-security shred *see below for further guidance. The documents are destroyed before leaving, allowing you to watch this being done (if you want to) and a Certificate of Destruction is provided.

*Our standards and procedures we adhere to are created to comply with BS EN 15713:2009 for the Secure Destruction of Confidential Material. We only use Box-it DBS checked staff and our own vehicles and equipment, in order to shred to a quality defined as Level 3. This is a standard shred that reduces your documents to 15mm wide long strips of paper, which suits most industry/business requirements. We also offer Ultra High-Security shredding, defined as Level 6, which double shreds the documents reducing them to pulp, which is suitable for MoD and Government shredding requirements.

Why shred?

The need to comply with the Data Protection Act has become a greater burden for businesses in recent years, as has the responsibility to prevent identity fraud and other associated criminal activity. Shredding is the safest solution and using the services of a commercial shredding company, such as Box-it North West, is more practical, more secure and more cost-effective for many. An increasing number of organisations are choosing to shred all their obsolete documentation, whether confidential or not. Box-it North West can help.

Getting started – how it works:


Call our local sales team to discuss your shredding requirements, get a quote or book your chosen document shredding service in the northwest. Choose between onsite or offsite document shredding, and order any consumables, such as shredding sacks, lockable consoles or wheelie bins. We will run through your requirements and you can also decide whether you need this as a scheduled (regular), occasional, or one-off service.


If you have chosen onsite shredding, then our mobile shredding lorry will come to your premises, at any address within the North West region. The shredding will be carried out at your premises, and you can watch the process if you want to for added peace of mind. Alternatively, if you need offsite shredding, then our Box-it North West vehicles will come to your offices to collect the full sacks, which have secure fasteners with barcodes and are tracked from the time they are collected right through to destruction.


Shredding is conducted either at your premises or collected and returned to our shredding facility, depending on the type of document destruction service you have chosen.


Upon completion of the shredding, we issue you with a Waste Transfer Note and Certificate of Destruction, which you need to retain for your company records.

That’s it. Your shredding is done. Want to find out more? Get in touch for an instant quote or talk to our local team, who can answer any queries you may have.