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Information is every organisation’s most essential asset whether paper, media or system based. Ever changing and increasing legislation has led many organisations to create more paperwork to keep up with regulatory and legislative policies.

It is critical that records, whether onsite or stored offsite, are fully managed to enable retrieval and retention in accordance with organisation guidelines.

At Box-it, we are able to offer full document auditing processes. This can take place at the client site(s) either managing and providing all the resources or in conjunction with client staff. Existing clients and new clients are often faced with the problem that they have to clear offices, cabinets, cupboards and store rooms but simply don’t have the resources available to box up, record and barcode the contents. Box-it can take on the whole task or assist with parts of it. Alternatively the client may want/allow the documents to be removed to Box-it where the auditing process is done in our dedicated cataloguing rooms. We can tailor the auditing process to your individual requirements. If simple validation is required, each file will be checked against the database provided by the client. This will create a 100% accurate inventory and missing or extra files identified. If there is no record and a full audit is required, Box-it’s flexible software and Apps allow the client to set out the file criteria and data fields required.

Whatever method is chosen Box-it cataloguing services result in a 100% accurate record, destroy/review date applied, missing inactive and non compliant documents identified and therefore peace of mind for the future.