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Document Storage

Removing your archive off site is a significant decision. The first requirement must be that the documents are stored securely and without deterioration. Our secure records management centres in the north-west protect your documents against theft, fire and unauthorised access. Humidity management systems and pest control ensure the documents remain in original condition. The storage space in our stores is very effectively used and all boxes of documents are clear off the ground and placed on secure racking.

Archive Box Supplies

Box-it North West’s archive boxes are strong, durable and competitively priced. They are made of double skinned high-quality cardboard with triple thickness ends. They are available in a range of sizes (1.1cu ft, 1.4cu ft, and 1.7cu ft) and we also provide boxes to store Xrays, maps and plans. Archive boxes supplied in Cheshire and throughout the north-west.

What Do We Store?

  • Accounts and Financial Records
  • Medical Records
  • Pharmaceutical Documents and Lab Reports
  • Project Reports for Constructions
  • Plans and Images
  • Tapes
  • Wills and Deeds
  • Marketing Literature and Brochures
  • We also have a Specially Designed Isolated Fire Retardant Storage


Storing and delivering millions of individual documents, files and boxes require simple reliable procedures and proven records management software is vital. Box-it chose O’Neil Records Management software to provide a fully auditable barcode based track and trace system. O’Neil is recognised as the world leader in records management software. This software and the barcode system is reinforced with a full paper audit trail and every action taken on behalf of every customer is logged and/or receipted.

Online Access

Customers can view and manage their account securely online; you can place orders for deliveries, collections, and consumables such as flat pack boxes. You can also check the progress and status of an existing order. The reporting functions are easy to use and detailed management information can be requested.

Account Management

We do not use a call centre and expect that our customers become familiar with our administration. There will always be a friendly voice at the end of the phone and issues are dealt with immediately. From time to time the Office Team will also go out on the delivery rounds to meet customer contacts or reacquaint themselves with customers. It is an important part of our “culture” at Box-it North West that our staff behave in a way that allows our customers to feel we are flexible, approachable and work with a willing to please attitude. At all times our aim is for our customers to be totally happy and confident in the service provided. All of our customers have a dedicated account manager and you decide how much contact and/or face to face meeting you want.


Each customer receives individual pricing to best suit their needs.

The options include:

Activity Pricing

Competitively priced storage charges with other charges only applying if you require an additional service e.g. delivery of a file or box.

Inclusive Pricing

After gaining an understanding of the customer’s requirements we are able to offer a fixed cost per box that will include any handling or delivery charges.

Fixed Price

Medium/long term fixed storage prices are applicable and attractive to some customers.

Deep Storage Pricing

Files and boxes with very minimal or no access requirements may qualify for “deep storage” pricing. These storage rates are the most competitive but access is charged at premium rates.

At all times it is our intention that the service and prices provided are customised perfectly to our clients needs.